The new air duct system from Naber is the quantum leap in kitchen ventilation: with the highest possible efficiency for energy-saving and quiet extractor hoods. With maximum reliability thanks to airtight sealing lips and extremely simple connection technology for short installation times.

COMPAIR® flow – the original for almost every application

The sophisticated air duct system with optimum flow behaviour and efficient cross sections ensures high air capacity, low operating noise and low power consumption.

COMPAIR STEEL flow® – new material, new possibilities

Non-flammable, extremely robust and 100% compatible with the Naber plastic ducts. The metal duct system COMPAIR STEEL flow® opens up new solutions for extractors with exhaust air and recirculating air. 

COMPAIR® Tower – the design solution for exhaust ducting below the turf

COMPAIR® Tower is the exhaust air solution for downdraft extractors when the core hole is below ground surface level.

GREENflow – optimum recirculating filter for downdraft and hob ventilators

Naber’s modular GREENflow recirculating air filter system eliminates the risk of damp and mould caused by conventional recirculating air solutions in extractor systems that suck air downwards.

THERMOBOX - highest energy efficiency

An exhaust air solution and optimum heat protection are no contradiction - if you have a THERMOBOX! The idea of using air as an insulating medium is as simple as it is ingenious. You can also retrofit this purely mechanical backpressure shutter solution.

Turbo wall box (not only) for exhaust air systems close to the floor

The COMPAIR Turbo 150 wall box, including the THERMOBOX heat retention system, is the solution for kitchen ventilation systems with ducting near the floor. But even at ceiling height, the aesthetically shaped and weatherproof blind convinces with its technical characteristics.

Flow Star GTS – Naber solution skills

For over 50 years, Naber has developed and built air duct systems for private kitchens. Our products ensure maximum effectiveness and cleaning performance in extractor systems worldwide - for example, the wall conduct Flow Star GTS.

Perfect in form and function: External blinds from Naber

Naturally, the function also plays a role with external blinds. Visual impressions also count, particularly when considering the appearance of the house. Our models in all important dimensions therefore score with their attractive design and perfect airflow. And that not only in stainless steel or multicoloured plastic, but also in copper and brass.