Perfect planning for a perfect indoor climate

Take advantage of the flexibility and performance of Naber air duct systems and wall conducts. Because all your customers want good air in their home.

Mastering the complexity

There are many solutions for kitchen ventilation and hundreds of appliance variants. As a professional, you keep your cool! Because at Naber, you’ll find the right component for every planning job for efficient and quiet airflow.

Technology overview

Keeping track of the diversity of extractor systems is no problem for you. At Naber, you’ll find the perfect air duct system and all the accessories you need to maximise the efficiency of the equipment you’ve chosen.

Each kitchen, each customer wish

Each of your projects is individual: dimensions, layout, equipment selection, customer wishes. A simple L- or U-kitchen or a complex island variant. Naber knows them all and always has the best solution - your advantage!