GREEN flow – rethinking circulating air in downdraft systems

GREENflow – the modular recirculating air filter system for downdraft systems.
GREENflow – the modular recirculating air filter system for downdraft systems.

The innovative recirculating air filter made of several modules is mounted under the kitchen cabinets and blows the cleaned air back into the room via grilles in the base board. The moist air does not come into contact with furniture parts and floor coverings, thus preventing moisture damage and contamination of the insides of the cabinet. Since the activated carbon filters are hydrophobic, i.e. water-repellent, no moisture remains in the base area.


The OMEGA filters offer up to 60% more filter surface.
The OMEGA filters offer up to 60% more filter surface.

The compact filter boxes can be connected in series, depending on the air output of the hood and the cooking habits. Each box contains a synthetic activated carbon filter which can be regenerated repeatedly. This is bent in the filter housing in the form of the letter Omega, which increases the filter area by 60 percent. At the same time, adjustable guide vanes ensure even distribution of the airflow to the boxes. The result is slow air velocities and barely perceptible air movement at the outlet grille with its optimised slats.


The boxes are connected with rigid or flexible Naber COMPAIR® flat ducts. The system fits universally for base heights from 100 to 150 millimetres. The assembly is easy and can also be carried out retroactively. The maintenance and the replacement of the filter are carried out without tools from the outside via the ventilation grille which can be removed per click system.


COMPAIR Control® - the optional electronic filter change indicator for COMPAIR® GREENflow


The function of recirculating air filters is highly dependent on their degree of saturation. Odour reduction in activated carbon filters only works as long as the filter material is able to absorb. COMPAIR Control® intelligently monitors the intervals for regeneration or replacement of the OMEGA activated carbon filters.

In contrast to conventional filter change indicators with simple time measurement, COMPAIR Control® records the intensity of the extractor use and calculates the resulting filter load by means of statistical evaluation. Up to four GREENflow filter boxes per unit can be simply configured by switch. Acoustic signals indicate when it is time for regeneration or replacement.


The facts:

  • Automatically detects cooking characteristics
  • Reminds users to regenerate or replace the GREENflow OMEGA activated carbon filters
  • Lower costs and more convenience through optimum utilisation of filter capacity
  • Automatic reset when the filter is replaced
  • A maximum of four filter boxes possible per unit
  • Simply clip on to a COMPAIR® GREENflow

Further details are provided in the brochure COMPAIR® GREENflow & Control. The brochure is available here as a download.