Good air in the house

40-70% humidity and 18 - 24 degrees room temperature are perceived as optimal.
40-70% humidity and 18-24 degrees room temperature are perceived as optimal.

There used to be drafts in every nook and cranny, today new and refurbished buildings are practically airtight. Expensive heating energy stays inside, but so does the “thick air” too! So we have to take care of the necessary exchange of air ourselves. Because the air we breathe is our most vital source of sustenance. We perceive even the smallest changes in composition immediately. For example, if the carbon dioxide content is too high, unpleasant humidity or bad odours. All this is generated when cooking.

Cooking charges the room air with moisture, grease, unpleasant odours as well as pollutants, which can occur during roasting, for example. If the cooking fumes are not effectively removed, all these substances remain in the home. Surfaces are contaminated, it smells of food, it makes you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease. Water vapour can precipitate. This forms the basis for mould on walls and can damage furnishings and kitchen furniture. In case of open kitchens, the entire home is affected.



inadequate moisture removal can lead to mould formation.
Inadequate moisture removal can lead to mould formation.

For health reasons too, the polluted air needs to be actively removed. Otherwise it can lead to discomfort, allergies and illnesses. You can avoid these problems with the right air guidance for the extractor, planned in good time. An extractor is therefore part of the basic equipment of a kitchen. It is not sufficient just to hang a device on the wall. The technology behind it is just as important: air ducts, bends, wall conducts and much more.

Naber products and solutions are particularly efficient and quiet. They save electricity and maintenance costs, for example for expensive circulating air filters. Whether classic wall hood or stylish downdraft extractor - Naber helps you to cook with pleasure.