Better cooking, healthier living - thanks to good air

What does an extractor in the kitchen have to do with health and well-being? Which types are there? And why is exhaust air better than recirculation? We answer these and other questions from kitchen buyers here.

Optimally plan an extractor system

An extractor belongs in every kitchen. Here you’ll find out which types of kitchen extractors are available. Especially valuable: our best tips for your planning.

Perfect integration of kitchen ventilation

Naturally, your customers expect good air in the house. We show when which planning steps make sense, which devices are available and how, with our innovative products, you can harmonise the wishes of your clients and the performance of your trade partners.

Extractor perfectly installed

How do I optimally install an air duct system and a wall conduct? Which components do I need to get the most out of the extractor system? What possibilities do Naber’s innovations offer me? The answers can be found here.

Extractor? Naber!

That’s something you can rely on! Experience, innovation and worldwide service characterise our products. Join us in the world of good kitchen ventilation.