Play it safe with fire protection

In normal flats and houses with an area of up to 400 m², COMPAIR® flow air ducts are permissible, even without non-combustible cladding. For special fire protection requirements you can opt for COMPAIR STEEL flow®.

Extractor hood? Naber!

There are several hundred extractor systems on the market. No problem: Naber knows them all, worldwide! At Naber you will find the right air duct system - completely, safely and quickly installed.
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How to install the perfect extractor system

You are a professional and regularly install extractor systems. Then you know what it’s all about. However, additional information never hurts. Get the latest knowledge for installing the perfect extractor system free of charge with the “Guide to extractor systems for kitchens”. Because moving air is a complex issue, also in the kitchen.

It’s not witchcraft: core drilling for the extractor

A lacking wall outlet is no reason to miss out on the advantages of an exhaust air solution. With a core hole, the wall connection is quickly made. How to carry out perfect assembly is explained in our installation tips “Wall conducts”.

Always a good fit!

With the huge Naber range, you are equipped for every planning job and every extractor hood. With us you will find the right connection part as well as ducts and wall conducts characterised by optimum flow characteristics and high energy efficiency.

Extractor hoods – master the diversity

There is a suitable extractor hood for every requirement. Here we have put together the most important types for you.

The most important kitchen layouts

Whatever the shape, whatever the dimensions: each kitchen has five basic function zones. We show you where the extractor system is best installed.