New study: Correct and safe planning of extractor systems

Moved air is complex. Ideal living comfort and the elimination of odours and moisture as well. Planners, kitchen professionals and potential kitchen buyers have the topic under control with the information from a new study and Naber's solution competence.


The measured air volume is decisive

It is crucial how effectively the extractor system captures and removes the cooking vapours. Only then do odours, grease and moisture disappear as completely and as quickly as possible. In this respect, the authors note significant differences. The first findings from the study indicate that the best performance is achieved by wall-mounted extractor fans at the correct distance above the hob. Other versions are less stable. Downdraft cooktop extractor fans that extract cooking vapours downwards require a significantly higher air performance. Even in circulating operation, the filters require a higher air performance for the same amount of collected air.


Planning the exhaust air or circulating air system

The study also contains important information on planning an extractor system as an exhaust or circulation solution, also depending on the energy standard of the building and the interaction with a ventilation system. There are, for example, no legal requirements for one particular design; architects, planners and kitchen buyers have free choice. A circulation system is only recommended for very high efficiency house standards such as a passive house or an efficiency house 40.



Important safety instructions

Safety-relevant planning principles for the coordination of an extractor system with a housing ventilation or an individual hearth room can be found in the study as well as recommendations for the necessary air flow in exhaust systems. Cooking vapours should not be exhausted into the kitchen cupboard, but directly into the interior or to the outside in order to avoid mould.


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