PRIME flow®


Quantum leap in
ventilation technology!




Maximum innovation.
Maximum efficiency.
Maximum airtightness.

And maximum ease of installation.


Naber is redefining the standard in ventilation systems for cooker hoods. COMPAIR PRIME flow® combines the creativity, knowledge and experience of the market leader. In every category, Naber has made kitchen ventilation better, more efficient and easier to install. Completely new, from wall conduct shell assembly to whisper-quiet operation. Plus: Ecological product design and socially responsible manufacturing significantly increase sustainability.





COMPAIR PRIME flow® Universal connector




The heart of the new system is the universal connector. It makes air duct installation easier and more reliable than ever before. Simply push on, listen for the click of the snap-in elements and it’s done. The permanently elastic sealing lips ensure a perfectly tight connection. The flexible compensator can be turned 15 degrees in any direction. This makes it the ultimate problem solver.




COMPAIR PRIME flow® pipe bends


Comprehensive 3D simulations give COMPAIR PRIME flow® bends and deflectors unprecedented efficiency. There’s no better way to control moving air! The bionic expansion of the tube cross-sections and the special shape of the air guide bodies ensure the lowest possible resistance through optimal air flow. For maximum air performance, quiet operation and minimal extraction electricity costs.


COMPAIR PRIME flow® flat and round ducts


The flat and round ducts come in the usual dimensions, but with decisive innovations: click-in elements fasten them securely into the universal connectors - so components can be pre-assembled. A guide slot optionally accommodates an internal cable duct. For the flat ducts, there is a support that enables pressure-resistant installation in the flooring and also serves as a cable duct. 


COMPAIR PRIME flow® wall conduct set


The shell construction set P-RBS is included as an extra package with every COMPAIR PRIME flow® wall conduct. The innovative solution is installed entirely without screws or sealants and is perfectly airtight. The hard foam plugs with plastering edge and alignment aid are especially practical for the clever pre-assembly in the shell construction. The kitchen fitter can easily remove them later and install the extractor system and the external louvre with the proven energy-efficient THERMOBOX heat retention system in a clean pipe without the need for tools or sealants.


Every COMPAIR PRIME flow® wall conduct is an all-round worry-free solution. Complete with energy-saving mechanical THERMOBOX and beautifully designed, weatherproof external blind in two award-winning designs. THERMOBOX and external blinds are simply pushed in from the outside, fit perfectly and are airtight and rainproof thanks to integrated seals without the need for any further sealant.



COMPAIR PRIME flow® – the video


As usual with Naber, the COMPAIR PRIME flow® is also consistently thought through to the end. Each part fulfils its task perfectly to elevate the kitchen ventilation system to perfection, regardless of the manufacturer. The the optimum solution for the best possible comfort and maximum efficiency!


COMPAIR PRIME flow® – the brochure



With COMPAIR PRIME flow® kitchen ventilation technology has been significantly improved in all its dimensions – for maximum air flow and whisper-quiet operation of cooker hoods in exhaust and recirculating air systems. Our brochure COMPAIR PRIME flow® explains how simply the new air duct system can be installed and what flexibility and reliability it offers. The brochure is available here as a download.