The powerful exhaust and supply air solution for passive houses and high-quality efficiency houses


The exhaust air wall conduct COMPAIR® BIXO, which is certified as a passive house component, is the revolutionary answer to current structural requirements. The new, wear-resistant TwisterTec closure system makes highly efficient and convenient exhaust air solutions possible in current efficiency and passive houses with controlled room ventilation.


COMPAIR® BIXO works independently - no cable to the extractor is needed. That makes the installation simple. As a complete solution, BIXO Balance® combines the control of exhaust air and supply air. Thanks to the integrated radio module, the exhaust air conduct controls the supply air without any additional installation requirement for the control unit.



The facts:

  • Unparalleled low U-value of only 0.8 W/(m²K)
  • Certified passive house component (COMPAIR® BIXO)
  • Blower Door certified
  • Barrier-free airflow
  • Independent opening and closing - no cable to the extractor required
  • Integrated radio control: exhaust air regulates supply air


Detailed information on the BIXO wall conduct can be found in the new brochure as a download.