Clarity for fire protection

You can use COMPAIR® flow plastic ducts in normal residential units with an area of up to 400 m² without additional, non-combustible cladding. We have had this clarified by means of a legal opinion. For special requirements there is COMPAIR STEEL flow®.

High energy efficiency included

Ventilation plays a large part in heat loss. That’s why Naber prefers to use innovative technologies for energy-efficient exhaust air solutions with high cleaning capacity.

Important planning fundamentals for satisfied home-builders

The extractor system in the kitchen is just one of your many planning tasks. But one that has a significant impact on the well-being and satisfaction of your clients. Because nobody wants smells, grease and noise in their home. So get the latest expert knowledge and all the important planning criteria for the perfect extractor system free of charge.

All from one source

With Naber you have a contact partner for all aspects of air guidance of the extractor hood - no matter which variant your customers want. With us you will find coordinated systems and the technical know-how for special requirements, such as the laying of the exhaust air duct in the floor structure.

Know the variety of the devices

Extractors are not all the same. Whether it’s a wall hood, hob ventilator, downdraft or island solution – each category has its own special features. Here you will find the most important systems.

An extractor is part of it

Discuss and plan the extractor system in good time. Because it affects several trades (shell construction, electrics, kitchen builders). In HOAI phase 5 (implementation planning), you should determine the position of the wall conduct with the kitchen planner.

Plan the core drilling, install properly

The HOAI performance phases 6 and 7 are ideal for tendering an energy-efficient wall conduct with the Naber THERMOBOX. In phase 8 you ensure that the wall conduct is installed in the correct position and with the necessary gradient of 2 degrees to the outside.

As good as it looks

Good form follows good function. In other words, convincing technology in excellent design, that’s Naber! Proven by numerous design awards for our products.

Design Awards