Fire protection? No problem!

With COMPAIR® flow you don’t need any expensive fire protection cladding for the air ducts of your extractor system. And for special requirements or a cool design there is COMPAIR STEEL flow®.

Feel-good climate

Just how important good home ventilation is is something we realise when the air is “thick”. Then it’s moist and stuffy and it smells. Naber is the specialist for kitchen ventilation - and knows the laws of moving air. So that you feel good at home.

Profound knowledge for a good extractor system

It is actually the task of kitchen professionals and their architects to plan the perfect extractor system. But there are some things you really might like to know for yourself. Benefit from the accumulated knowledge of numerous experts. The free “Guide to extractor systems for kitchens” contains all the latest research results for the perfect extractor.

The right extractor for you!

The variety of extractor systems makes it easier to find the right device. Naber knows them all - your advantage! Click here for the overview.

Tips on dimensions and performance of an extractor hood

An extractor can only unfold its full effect if it is in the right position. In addition, the performance and dimensions should be adapted to the hob, the room size and the cooking habits.

Exhaust air or circulating air is the question

Cooking’s fun and creative. It sizzles, steams and smells delicious. In the long run, though, cooking fumes are a bother. Without an extractor, it’s only half the fun. But it depends on the details. In most cases, exhaust air is better than recirculating air, saving money in the end.